WFTGA Executive Board

Felicitas Wressnig

Vice President
Ruby Roy

Hermann Friedsam

Esther Banike

(United States)
Head of Training
Ivana Curuvija

Alushca Ritchie

(South Africa)

EXBO Goals: 2015-2017

  • Raise the profile of tourist guides around the world through contacts with tourism and international organisations e.g. UNWTO, UNDP, UNESCO and USAID
  • Continue to increase membership especially in Africa, South America and Eastern Europe
  • Continue the development of the WFTGA training programmes
  • Develop Cultour and Hospitality Partners
  • Support the Convention Hosts for 2017 Tehran Iran
  • Support and help to tourist guides worldwide


Guideapedia/Find A Licensed or Qualified Tourist Guide

Guideapedia gives more information about each WFTGA Full Member’s association and country including training, qualifications and licensing and how to find a qualified or licensed guide.

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