What are the basic qualifications for a guide?: 

BVGD Certificate

Professionally guided tours in cities and regions are an important element in the German tourism business. Qualified tourist guides make a significant contribution to the promotion of Germany as a destination or for travel within Germany.
The German National Tourist Guide Association (BVGD) has – at European level – made an effort to successfully establish a high level of education and a job description for “tourist guides”. It has developed policies that not only its members, but also many managers in the tourism industry implement in their training programmes for tourist guides.
Munich Tourist Guides are educated according to these standards in cooperation with Munich Tourist Office.


How to hire a guide?: 

Please find your personal tourist guide under The Munich Association of Tourist Guides is a platform on which the tourist guides can present their services. Questions on certain tours, tourist guides or prices will have to be addressed directly at our guides. The Association does not arrange tours.

Is licensing for Guides required? How is it obtained? How often must it be renewed?: 

No. But all guides who are member of Munich Association of Tourist Guides are full qualified and professional guides.

Who is responsible for certification?: 

Munich Association of Tourist Guides in cooperation with BVGD.

Training by Whom? Theory & Practice.: 

Training and trainers according to European Standard 15565.

Approximate fees in Euro or local currency: Full Day: 
Approximate fees in Euro or local currency: Half Day: 
Fees decided by tourism authority, association, or guide?: 

Tourism authority works out fees in cooperation with Munich Association of Tourist Guides. Guides are still free to decide their own fees.

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Münchner Gästeführer Verein e.v.
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Updated on: 08/11/15

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