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What are the basic qualifications for a guide?: 

A tourist guide in Slovenia must obtain a licence issued by a local/regional or national authority.

How to hire a guide?: 

The tourist guides in Slovenian are mainly free lance and you contact them directly or via Association Web page.

Is licensing for Guides required? How is it obtained? How often must it be renewed?: 

The licening for Tourist Guides is required. The National or local authorities organize educations and after successfully finished exam, a tourist guide gets a licence which should be presented every time when on tour. The licences are renewed yearly or in four years time (depends on authority).

Who is responsible for certification?: 

Municipalities, Regional Organisation or National Authority

Training by Whom? Theory & Practice.: 

The courses are mainly theoretical- depends on the organizer.

Approximate fees in Euro or local currency: Full Day: 
Approximate fees in Euro or local currency: Half Day: 
Fees decided by tourism authority, association, or guide?: 

Tourism deaprtment, Association and Guides- liberal

Problems faced by guides at this location: 

Tour managers from abroad work as a tourist guide in Slovenia and do not do any local courses.

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Association of Regional Tourist Guides in Slovenia
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Updated on: 12/12/17

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