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What are the basic qualifications for a guide?: 

The Blue Badge is awarded after a two year course run by the Scottish Tourist Guides Association, which complies with EN15565 Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides and meet the standards of WFTGA. Successful participants are quqlified to guide to guide all over Scotland. In addition there is a Green Badge which also complies with EN 15565 and qualifies holders to guide in certain regions of Scotland. For more information please contact the Scottish Tourist Guides  Association at http://www.stga.co.uk

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How to hire a guide?: 


Guides can be hired either through the Scottish Tourist Guides Association (STGA) website http://www.stga.co.uk , where all members are listed with their own enhanced web page or through the STGA booking service bookings@stga.co.uk 


Is licensing for Guides required? How is it obtained? How often must it be renewed?: 

Licensing is not required in the United Kingdom including Scotland. However the Blue Badge is a recognised qualification by VisitScotland (the Scottish Tourist Board) and qualifies holders to guide all over Scotland, whereas the Green Badge is area specific to regions of Scotland. The badges are awarded by the Scottish Tourist Guides Association after completion of courses delivered by approved training providers. The Green Badge course is a minimum of 600 hours and the Blue Badge course is a minimum of 1200 hours.

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Who is responsible for certification?: 

Scottish Tourist Guides Association

Training by Whom? Theory & Practice.: 

Training is provided by various Training providers (Blue Badge), approved by the Scottish Tourist Guides Association and meeting the standards of EN15565 (Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides). The training includes 40% practical training which is delivered by qualified Tourist Guide trainers under the auspices of the Training Provider. The theory is provided by  specialists in the subjects which include: Geology, Human Landscapes, Archaeology, History, Art, Architecture, Politics, Industry, Modern Scotland. More information on training can be found at http://www.stga.co.uk or from the STGA Training Manager at training@stga.co.uk 

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Approximate fees in Euro or local currency: Full Day: 
165-265 GBP
Approximate fees in Euro or local currency: Half Day: 
120-165 GBP
Fees decided by tourism authority, association, or guide?: 

Recommended by the STGA but negotiated by the individual guide

Problems faced by guides at this location: 

There are inevitable problems with unqualified guides - as there are no laws to prevent it. 

More Information: 

Scottish Tourist Guides offer specialized tours all over Scotland. With over 500 members we have Scotland covered. Established over 50 years ago, our aim is simple: to provide clients with professional tourist guides who’ll inspire, educate and entertain. STGA Sign Over the years, the STGA has built up a solid network of clients and has developed a first class reputation for providing highly skilled guides who can bring any travel itinerary to life. The STGA is the only professional membership body for fully trained and accredited guides in Scotland and is endorsed by both VisitScotland and VisitBritain. The STGA now has over 500 members based in Scotland listed under different categories including Blue Badge Guides, Green Badge Guides and Yellow Badge Guides. Each guide brings a host of different skills ranging from languages to specialist areas of interest but what they all have in common is that they are great communicators. Whether you’re travelling alone, with family and friends or as part of a leisure or corporate group - there’s no doubt that STGA can supply the right guide with the right skills to enhance your visit to Scotland. The STGA takes pride in being able to provide guides to clients who are: •Fully trained •Professional •Fun and personable with in-depth knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not in Scotland •Experts in their field of interest •Highly skilled - speak, translate, interpret in up to 19 different languages •Qualified to tour as Driver Guides •Able to plan and design bespoke itineraries to suit any budget and timescale •Recommend/Organise tours suited to your budget and timescales

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Scottish Tourist Guides Association
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