Why Join WFTGA?

Membership of the WORLD FEDERATION OF TOURIST GUIDE ASSOCIATIONS is a long-term investment. WFTGA‘s mission is to further and promote the profession of the tourist guide worldwide. WFTGA‘s membership programme has numerous benefits such as providing information resources, contact and training opportunities and access to the international network of tourist guide associations. Members are entitled to participate in all WFTGA activities and to benefit from the facilities of the Federation.

Membership Benefits:

  • International biennial conventions.
  • Right to vote at International convention in decision making (association members only)
  • Special convention package price for members only
  • Lectures and Workshops papers
  • Exchange of experiences
  • Contacts with the tourism industry worldwide
  • Marketing and promotion of member association world-wide and to industry.
  • International lobbying
  • Database on Tourist Guiding Worldwide
  • Training courses for tourist guides and tourist guide trainers
  • Co-ordination of International Tourist Guide Day
  • Publications
  • WFTGA Website
  • Networking
  • Guidelines Internetion@l
  • Circular Newsletter with WFTGA activities
  • Membership support
  • Discussion and Forum for tourist guides and industry partners to discuss on line
  • Representation, promotion and greater visibility of guides at regional and global level
  • Improving association status through links with WFTGA
  • Information on new trends in tourism, training, legal issues
  • Combating unqualified guiding
  • Opportunity for candidates to bid and host for the International Convention(member associations only)
  • Free entrance to many museums, sights and attractions worldwide.(for tourist guides only)
  • Discounts with a variety of industry partners including car rental and hotels worldwide (for tourist guides only)
  • And much more... 


Guideapedia/Find A Licensed or Qualified Tourist Guide

Guideapedia gives more information about each WFTGA Full Member’s association and country including training, qualifications and licensing and how to find a qualified or licensed guide.

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