International Tourist Guide Day in Rhodos island-Greece

On the occasion of celebrating the International Tourist Guide Day, the tourist guides of the Association of Dodecanese based in Rhodes, presented a new DVD about Rhodes island, in the presence of the head of Prefecture of Dodecanese, Mr. Mahairidis, the mayor of Rhodes, Mr. Giannopoulos and many other officials. The DVD was created by tourist guides themselves in their free time, mostly in winter, and its title is “Rhodes, the town-Local initiatives of employment-Culture”. It’s a voluntary offer by tourist guides to the inhabitants of Rhodes, to get to know their own town and it includes six walking tours (three in the old Town and three in the new town). A relevant brochure will be handed out to schools and inhabitants of Rhodes island. The President of the Dodecanese Tourist Guides’ Association, Mr. Alexandros Colliadis and the Vice President, Mr. Dimitris Salahouris, spoke about the important role tourist guides play for the area and for the whole country, but also about the difficulties they face while trying to do their job professionally. All officials agreed and emphasized the importance of tourist guides for the development of the area and wished them a successful year in tourism.

Posted: 03/27/06