The Tourist Guide Profession Loses Two Champions

It is with great sadness that we announce the untimely death of two dear friends and colleagues
Annie Passot Tomianka (France):  Founder of the Fédération Nationale des Guides Interprétes et Conférenciers (FNGIC 1981) and 30 years on the Executive Board of Fédération Européene de Guides (FEG), also two years its President. She has been a hospitable and efficient colleague, taking up the contacts with UNESCO at a very early time (1986) and discussion with Brussels to protect  qualified tourist guides. She was involvedin  the first set of definitions at European Norms, which finalized in the area specificity and qualified profession and in the development of EN15565 Training and Qualifications of Tourist Guides.  She last attended a WFTGA Convention in 2007. A charming hostess and lovely friend, she died of cancer within barely three months and leaves her husband and children disconsolate. We feel with them and will remember Annie as the vital part of our profession.
Marie Pinho (USA), Guild of Washington Tourist Guides Executive Board Member for a long period and the last years WFTGA Area Representative. A lovely colleague with spirit and dedication, she gave many the feeling of professionalism, initiating political contacts for acceptance of the qualification and best performance; she will leave us in grief for the loss of a friendly and lively colleague. We will keep her heritage as a precious gift.  Marie died just after spending time with as at the WFTGA International Convention in Prague.

Posted: 02/12/15