WFTGA 1985-2007.... 22 Years of Excellence

Dear Colleagues Worldwide, Travel and Tourism Industry Partners,

We would like to introduce the new Executive Board of the WFTGA whom you will be hearing quite a bit from in the coming years.

WFTGA 1985-2007.... 22 Years of Excellence

At the 12th WFTGA Convention in Cairo the following EXBO was elected:

Rosalind Newlands President
Rosalind Newlands (Edinburgh, Scotland UK)


Aladdin Khalifa Vice President
Aladdin Khalifa (Cairo, Egypt)


Houri Nazeritian Secretary
Houri Nazeritian (Oshawa, Canada)



Walid El-Batouty (Cairo, Egypt)


Johnny Lee KK


Executive Board Member
Johnny Lee KK (Hong Kong, China)
Koula Vassiliou


Executive Board Member
Koula Vassiliou (Nicosia, Cyprus)



Posted: 12/31/03

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