WFTGA HOT & Train the Trainer Turkmenistan

HOT & TTT Course in Turkmenistan:
Already in November 2018 UNESCO office in Iran together with Turkmenistan officials suggested another set of training courses in the capital Ashgabat. 13 participants joined for HOT (left) and 9 from the last course in 2017 sat for TTT with Lead Trainer Felicitas Wressnig from Austria. Both courses were arranged in Grand Turkmen Hotel in Ashgabat and included intensive training with the National Museum Treasures; caption (attached pix) LIT Felicitas with Director of collections Öwezmuhammet Mämmetnurow, who is also one of the contemporary artists of Turkmenistan.  
The official ceremony for handing out all certificates was done by Dr. Kouvandyk Poladov, Secretary General of the Turkmenistan National Commission for UNESCO in January 2019.

Posted: 03/19/19