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One More Person.....One More Thing
The Power of.....YOU!
By Esther Banike, WFTGA Executive Board Vice President
WFTGA's Executive Board sponsor-paid participation at major tourism trade shows provides crucial research for future WFTGA conventions.  At the same time, we are able to connect exhibitors to our members and inform them about the value of qualified professional tourist guides - and sometimes they connect us to new tourist guide associations.  Important, because we are almost always the only tourist guides the exhibitors meet.  A future article will explore the road that leads to these events, but let us use just the "short story" for now.
In early September I traveled to Mexico City's ibtm latin america as a Hosted Buyer and met with numerous Latin American tourism authorities as well as representatives of airlines, hotels, tech products and Tour Operators/DMCs, from places where WFTGA has members or possibility to recruit new ones.
At most non-guide tourism events, EXBO provides the one voice to enlighten others about our Federation, our members, their professionalism, our convention, our Code of Ethics(Surveys show the number one reason people join professional associations is to be connected to a Code of Ethics.) We run into more and more people lately who have heard about WFTGA because one person did "one more thing".
In Mexico City, the hotel seemed to sway while I packed my bags to join a complementary post-tour to Northern Baja California (Mexico, actually) - not an unusual sensation for trade show attendees who have been on-the-go all day.  But when the hotel shook violently and hangars fell from the closet, I knew it was an earthquake! (Sadly, a smaller, but deadlier, Mexico City earthquake happened a week later.)
I promised you the "short story" but must cite how organized and hospitable the Baja folks were in Tijuana, Rosarita Beach and Ensenada.  I had not been to that area of Mexico in decades and marveled at the cutting edge architecture, remarkable new meeting facilities, awesome gastronomy and - at the center of the trip - wine country in the desert.  Wine country?!  EXBO's next convention will be in Georgia, a country synonymous with wine.
Coincidentally, Ensenada's Museo de La Vid y El Vino (Museum of Vine and Wine) begins with a display crowned by the words GEORGIA (pictured above).  This visit was one more opening to talk about WFTGA's 2019 convention in Tbilisi, GEORGIA - the birthplace of wine.
My return flight to Chicago left from San Diego, California USA, a 1-hour shuttle ride along the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway from Ensenada.  However, it can be a 3-hour experience to cross the Mexico/US border! 
I spent a few vacation days in San Diego at a hotel near historic Old San Diego.  Sirens shreeked at 2:00 A.M. on the first night!  Another quake? California is inclined to quake, and I evacuated to the lobby.  False alarm.  Strangely I was the only one to react; other guests asked me sleepily, "What's up," when I passed their doors heading back to my room.  
But while waiting in my pjs for an "all clear" signal in the lobby, I noticed two large screen TVs still running in the restaurant/bar area long after the facilities had closed.  I politely questioned this with the manager the next day and explained that UNWTO had declared 2017 as The Year of Sustainable Tourism and that we all have the power to do "one more thing".  Later I noticed maintenance workers changing the TVs to shut off when the restaurant/bar closes.  The manager will suggest the same for all their hotels.  Imagine how much of Earth's resources this will save -  all from the power of ..."one more person", doing "one more thing".  Please use the Power of...You to be "one more person" doing "one more thing"!
This article is the first in a new series of regular communications from your Executive Board.  We decided to publish these articles under the heading EXBO Communications Corner, though you might find them somewhere other than a corner position on the WFTGA website.  Responses should be posted on the WFTGA Facebook page.  WFTGA retains the right to remove inappropriate material.