Executive Board Election Nominations

WFTGA Introduces 2019 Convention Nominations Committee
Our Federation has seen great growth in the past two years - in membership and distinction - and the organization's need for qualified, committed leaders has become ever more important. Delegates to the 2019 convention will elect a new Executive Board to serve WFTGA until the closing ceremonies of the 2021 convention, and the process for Delegates is not always an easy one.
To avoid last minute complications as experienced at recent elections, an independent Nominations Committee has been assigned to organise the candidates in advance of the General Assembly. 
We are pleased to introduce the members of the WFTGA Nominations Committee who come from "four corners" of our membership. In addition to being geographically diverse, none on the committee will be standing for the 2019 election.
-Deborah Androus, from the U.S. is a WFTGA President Emeritus and WFTGA Lead International Trainer.
-Yoni Shapira hails from Israel and has experience with elections at Moreshet Derech.
-Koula Vassiliou from Cyprus served previously on EXBO.
-Jean Wang is a WFTGA Lead International Trainer who resides in Singapore.
-Esther Banike, a current Vice President of WFTGA is Committee Chair.
Some duties of the Nominations Committee include:

  • Communicating with eligible members to encourage participation
  • Advising duties / obligations of Executive Board positions
  • Explaining commitments of time and personal resources
  • Ensuring candidates meet requirements prescribed by the WFTGA Constitution (i.e. that they are an active and qualified tourist guide, and that their association's WFTGA membership dues are current)

Nominations communications will be managed through a dedicated email box at nominations@wftga.org.
Check WFTGA's website, FB pages, and emails from President Alushca Ritchie, or contact your local association leaders for detailed information about qualifying for Executive Board nomination.