WFTGA International Training Centre Nicosia Cyprus

The WFTGA International Training Centre, Cyprus, ran from 2nd to 13th November 2015 a full TRAIN THE TRAINER course (including HOT part) in cooperation with the University of Cyprus.  The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is the main sponsor of the WFTGA trainings delivered at the Cyprus International Training Centre since 2006. The 2015 training programme was also sponsored by A. G. Leventis Foundation, the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, the Cyprus Tourist Guides Association, the Cyprus Antiquities Department, the University of Cyprus - Centre of Continuing Training, Assessment and Development, and the Nicosia Municipality. 
The 2015 Train the Trainer course was led by LIT Trainer Titina Loizidou, assisted by IT Trainer Georgia Constanti, who was also the local Administrator of the course. The course was coordinated and supervised by LIT Maria Aristidou - WFTGA Cyprus ITC Representative and  Course Coordinator - in close cooperation with the WFTGA Training Head, LIT Ivana Curuvija, and the WFTGA President, LIT Felicitas Wressnig. The 10 TtT participants came from the following countries: Albania, Bahrain, Cyprus, Iran, Nepal and Slovenia. All the participants have expressed very positive comments and following their success in all assessments/exams they are now WFTGA accredited National Trainers. The participants came from the following countries: Albania, Bahrain, Cyprus, Iran, Nepal and Slovenia. 
From 2006 until 2015, the WFTGA Cyprus Training Centre has organised successfully 9 annual training programmes (including HOT, TtT and ITtT, plus one Cruise Guide Training), training so far more than 130 participants from the following countries: Abu Dhabi, Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dubai, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, India, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Nepal, Poland, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, the Netherlands, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay.
Nicosia, Cyprus – December 2015
Maria Aristidou
WFTGA Cyprus International Training Centre Representative & Course Coordinator

WFTGA International Training Centre Yerevan Armenia

Train the Trainer Courses 2016

Opening and Inauguration of the 3rd WFTGA International Training Centre in Armenia:

In various travels and exchange of mails, with the sponsorship of German Society of International Cooperation GmbH – GIZ and the major support of the Ministry of Economy of the Armenian Republic, President and Vice President of WFTGA (replacing the Secretary for health reasons) signed the contract in December 2014  in Yerevan.

The first Training Course in English and Russian started the same day and had as Lead Trainer Ivana Curuvija with International Trainers Rita Navoyan and Naira Sukiasyan. All were supported by our colleagues, LIT Iris Barry and IT Gennadiy Chudnovets to moderate. It should be the start into a range of various courses across borders to develop the new market in this section of the European Continent.

We look forward to exiting times. 

Events included:

Svetlana Sargsyan - PP, Liane Gregorian - PP, Ivana Curuvija - LIT, Ara Petrosyan - Deputy Counsellor for Ministry, Roza Atanesyan - NT, FW - Pres, WS - Vice, Lia Bakhshynian President AGG

Two Past President and the President in office of AGG are sitting around the dinner table:  on many occasions WFTGA saw the efforts not only of our colleagues in Armenia, but also of the responsible Ministers and Deputies; with great respect WFTGA acknowledges the support of former Deputy Minister Ara Petrosyan, in this photograph all are celebrating the result.

Signing the Cooperation between AGG and WFTGA in the Ministry of Economy of  the Republic of Armenia: President of Armenian Guide Guild BSc Lia Bakhshynian, Mrs. Susanna Aslizadyan -  the lead specialist of Tourism Department at Ministry of Economy , Mr.  Arman Khachaturyan-  Chief Executive Officer National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia, WFTGA President Felicitas Wressnig; Mr. Avetisyan Sergey - Deputy  Minister at Ministry of Economy of RA, WFTGA Vice President Wilja Siebe; Mr. Apresyan Mekhak - Head of Tourism Department at Ministry of Economy of RA; Anush Babayan – the specialist of Tourism Department at Ministry of Economy 

The Armenian Ministry of Economy prepared the public signature of the WFTGA – AGG contract and finalized with a press conference.




16th WFTGA Convention - Prague, Czech Republic

16th WFTGA 2015 Convention   

 Newletter December 2015:                                                                         

Prague, Czech Republic "Central Europe - The Historical Crossroads of Cultures" New Approaches to Interpreting Cultural and Natural Heritage.   Pre Tour to Moravia January 23-25; Delegates Meeting January 25-30; Main Convention January 26-30; Post Tour to Marienbad January 30-February 3 2015                                                                                                                                    


Cruise Guide Training Course

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