2007 Bali, Indonesian

It was a special day in Bali. Indonesian Tourist Guide Association Bali chapter ( BALI ITGA) has been working closely with the Indonesian Hindu University held the opening ceremony for the 3rd Tourist Guiding Up Grading skills on Balinese Cultures, History and archeological remains, followed by 305 Balinese tourist guides.

The president for ITGA did speech that professional tourist guide must increase their knowledge and skills by training. the participants are eager to know more about WFTGA and during my speech He emphasized the efforts of WFTGA to share knowldge and experiences just like WFTGA's logo ; friendship and giving a guidance crossing the world.

I also give technical terms GUIDE that is: G= Give, U= You, I=Information D=Detail, E= Eficient so GUIDE means Give YouInformation Detail Eficient. Among 11,800 tourist guide members of ITGA, we have 7100 tourist guides working in Bali from 16 foreign languages. But in fact, around 4000 tourist guides are still active. This upgrading program was officially open by the Bali Tourism Authority. The program will last from 21st Feb - March 08, 2007. Indonesian tourist guides are waiting to welcoming our colleagues of world tourist guide convention 2009 in Bali.