WFTGA Past Presidents

Past President: 1985-1987 (R.I.P.)

Yossi Grau
Past President: 1987-1993 (R.I.P.)

Jane Orde
Past President: 1993-1999/Lead International Trainer

Titina Loizides
Past President: 1999-2001/ Lead International Trainer

Deborah Androus
Past President: 2001-2003

Elisabeth Schroder
Past President: 2003 -2007/WFTGA EXBO

Ruby Roy
Past President 2007-2013/Lead International Trainer

Rosalind Newlands OBE
Past President 2013-2017/Lead International Trainer

Felicitas Wressnig

Guideapedia/Find A Licensed or Qualified Tourist Guide

Guideapedia gives more information about each WFTGA Full Member’s association and country including training, qualifications and licensing and how to find a qualified or licensed guide.

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