The Agenda for the First Meeting

The agenda for the first meeting could he divided into two parts concerning : (a) the discussion of the basic ideas concerning the setting up of the Association, its objectives etc. And (b) the formal part of the General Meeting for approving the constitution, electing the Committee to be in charge until the next Annual General Meeting, approving the budget, and fixing the subscription and annual fees, if any.

Part (a)
1. Welcoming and presentation of the Chairman, Secretary and treasurer of the Temporary Committee.

2. Purpose of the meeting. Aims and potential of the Association.

3. Explanation of links that have already been made with the Tourist Board and other authorities, and outline of future co-operation.

4. General discussion of the constitution.

5. Discussion of financial matters.

After the discussion, by show of hands all the Guides present will indicate their desire to form and join the Association, so that the first general meeting can start. Make sure that all the Guides present are qualified and meet the requirements of the future constitution.

Part (b)
1. Approval of Constitution. It is usually best to read the Constitution article by article, and once approved it could be signed at the end by all those present. Make sure that you have the minimum number necessary.

2.1 Election of the first Committee

2.2 Election of the President and other positions within the Committee. This can be done in one of two ways. The members elect the President, then the treasurer, secretary and councillors (usually 2-4) or elect 5 to 7 members in the committee, and they in turn can decide among themselves who will be president, secretary and treasurer during their first committee meeting. The way this will be done should be defined in the constitution and should be announced in advance.

3. Budget and Fees. After the elections you should set the annual subscription. Start with a low but realistic amount, allowing for legal proceedings, committee expenses and any other services to the members. A bank account in the name of the Association should then be opened. Cheques are normally signed by two or three committee members, the Chairman, Treasurer and/or Secretary. The bank may require a copy of the relevant minutes and specimen signatures. Whatever the procedure, all expenses must be accounted for and backed by receipts. It is best to seek the advice of a professional accountant/auditor to keep a check on the accounts. Those present at the first meeting should be asked to pay their subscription fee at the meeting so that the Association can get going. Remind the members that normally the subscription can be accounted for as a professional expense to be claimed from the income tax.

4. Outline of the proposed future activities of the Committee, i.e. Meetings, social events, newsletter, publicity, list of Guides, lectures, outings, etc. Be modest with the aims until the Association is financially established. The members of the Committee do not usually get paid for their work but their expenses are reimbursed. Remember that successful Committees are those who involve other members in helping with various activities such as mailing etc, creating sub-committees to deal with specific projects.

5. Any other suggestions for the future activities of the Association.