The Pursuit of Legal Recognition

Some useful points in the pursuit of legal recognition of the Tourist Guide profession and the School of Guides
These points may serve as an outline for those Associations seeking recognition from Tourist Authorities, and protection of the Tourist Guide profession through the enactment of legislation and appropriate governmental decisions. The law regulating the Tourist Guide profession may include the following:

» Definition and interpretation of the term "Tourist Guide". (See next heading Training Tourist Guides).
» Tourist Guide License and Revocation.

Prerequisites and qualifications for granting a license to a Guide.

  • Should be a graduate of a School of Guides or equivalent institution.
  • Should speak at least two foreign languages*
  • Should not have a criminal record or court convictions.
  • Should attend post graduate tutorials.
  • Duties of the Tourist Guide and System of Supervision. Tourist Guides should comply with the provisions of the law and the regulations of a Tourist organisation whose function is to supervise Guides in the exercise of their profession.

    *It is advisable to have a regulation protecting the consumer (tourist) from having to listen to the same description of locations in a number of different languages especially on short tours.