TUREB Chairman Claims Tourism Suffering from 'Lack of Promotion'

Turkish Daily News
Ankara - Turkish Daily News

Tourist Guides Union (TUREB) Chairman Serif Yenen claimed that the promotion of Turkey in foreign countries was insufficient and that this was causing inaccurate information and wrong impressions. 

Yenen stated that in the education systems of most foreign countries, information about Turkey was being taught, but since the necessary promotion of Turkey was lacking in many of those countries, the result was that misleading or insufficient information was being offered. 

Yenen explained that the basic duty of tourist guides was to give complete, accurate information in order to counteract incomplete or inaccurate information. He said that many foreign tourists had the impression that Turks were like Arabs, "Most tourists think Turks are in the same family as Arabs and that Turkish is closely related to Arabic." 

According to Yenen, tourists were surprised when they could not see "the Islamic culture of the Arabic peninsula" in Turkey, or when they learned that Friday's were not official holidays. He said that although the guides did not create those prejudices, they had to work harder to destroy them. 

Yenen mentioned that while leaving Turkey, when asked about their opinions, tourists mentioned that one week was not enough to tour Turkey and that Turkish culture and beauty could compete with that of Italy, Spain and Greece. 

Explaining that in order to prevent incorrect impressions and information Turkey should give more importance to promotion in foreign countries, Yenen added, "These promotions should include more than just pictures of a couple running on a beach and the Turkish emblems of Hagia-Sophia, Nemrut Mountain and Cappadocia."