British Embassy Re-opens in Tehran

The foreign secretary of the United Kingdom (Philip Hammond) has travelled to  Iran to reopen the embassy. He will be Britain’s first top diplomat to visit the Iranian capital in nearly 14 years. And the Iranian embassy in London will be opened likewise. It is expected that Tehran-London relations will be normalized, including in consular […]

Visa On Arrival: Iran

Iran Extends Upon arrival Visa Validity to 30 Days for 58 Countries and soon, will rise to 190 countries Iran has extended airport visa validity from 15 to 30 days and tourists will be able to ask airport visa for 30 days in all border airports. Iranian government’s recent decision to increase the validity length […]

WFTGA celebrates 30th Anniversary in Prague

The World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations was founded in 1985.  Founder members Johann Szegö, Rune Lemon, Bertha Maria Major and Felicitas Wressnig (current President) were joined by Past Presidents Titina Loizides, Deborah Androus, Ruby Roy and Rosalind Newlands at the 16th WFTGA International Convention in Prague, Czech Repbuplic to celebrate 30 years with more […]

WFTGA International Convention 2017: Bidders Announced

WFTGA International Convention 2017 Bids Denmark Iran Singapore The Association of Authorized Guides. Iran Federation of Tourist  Guide Association   Society of Tourist Guides Singapore Copenhagen Teheran Singapore Cool Copenhagen Iran: A World With No Borders   Tourist Guides – The Human Interface Monday 23rd – Friday 27th  January Saturday 28th January- Wednesday 1st February […]

Prague Convention Early Registration Extended to 20 September

The WFTGA Executive Board and the 2015 Prague organising committee have come upon unexpected and exceptional opportunities for the 2015 convention and they need a little extra time to develop and incorporate these recently presented ideas.  This is good news for all, since many members could also use a little extra time to complete their […]

WFTGA Convention 2015: Sponsorship Opportunities

The 16th WFTGA Convention will take place in Prague in January 2015. There are many opportunities for marketing and sponsorship during the Convention. For enquiries please contact Stanislav Voleman, the Convention Coordinator and Host. Click Here For Details of how you can become involved