The Cultour Card is not a membership card, nor is it an international tourist guide card, etc. It is a BENEFIT card to our members (in certain countries) to allow our members access for free or discounted entry fee to certain museums and attractions and other participating partners.

The Vision of the CULTOUR CARD PROGRAMME are as follows:

  1. The card will have benefits featuring our Affiliate members (ie. discounts, etc.)
  2. The card will act as a loyalty card offering members discounts through PARTNERS, etc
  3. The Programme will link to ATTRACTIONS for free entry/discounted entry

Should have any potential partners interested in signing up, send all the relevant information to [email protected]

WFTGA Members who have access to the partners are welcome to request the Cultour Cards for their members by contacting us on email.

Cultour Cards 2021 – 2022 Extension 

The existing cards with the expiry date of March 2021 are still valid until March 2022. All partners have been sent a letter confirming the validity of these cards. Should you have any queries, or need a copy of the letter for your Association and relevant partners contact [email protected] 

Have you received your WFTGA Cultour Card? If not, please contact your Association or [email protected].

Currently, WFTGA has 70 affiliate partners in 13 countries, and we want to grow our family.