Group travel is undergoing significant transformations, influenced by the contrasting preferences of younger vs. older generations. This webinar examines the changing dynamics of group travel, focusing on the needs and expectations of different age groups as well as new technologies.

In this exciting episode, we have gathered renowned industry experts to share their insights and expertise.

29th May at 11am BST/12pm CEST

Our distinguished speakers include:

During the webinar, our speakers will delve into the evolving landscape of group travel, highlighting how generational differences are reshaping this sector.

They will explore the unique preferences and expectations of younger travelers, who often seek adventure, technology-driven solutions, and immersive experiences, contrasted with older generations who may prioritize comfort, convenience, and cultural enrichment. Our experts will discuss how travel companies are adapting to these divergent needs, and attendees will gain insights into how these innovations are bridging the gap between different age groups, ensuring a more tailored and satisfying travel experience for all.



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