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The WFTGA has delivered specifically designed courses for tourist guides and trainers of tourist guides across the world since 1996. These courses have been arranged at the request of various agencies including the UNWTO, UNESCO, GIZ and Ministries related to tourism as well as our member tourist guides associations.

Short courses on professional tourist guide skills and guiding techniques, communication and presentation seminars, and guide trainer courses are facilitated by our National, International and Lead International Trainers. Through a growing Training Division, the WFTGA can provide short courses in situ at different localities on request.

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Training and Support

WFTGA can send trainers to you for in-house courses anywhere in the world. Alternatively, individual guides may apply to attend training courses at WFTGA International Training Centres (ITC).

Skills Training for Tourist Guides
Train the Trainer
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The WFTGA’s specialised Training Division has run successful courses in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brunei, the Caribbean, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Oman, Papua New Guinea, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, St. Eustatius (Dutch Antilles), Serbia, Singapore, Tanzania, Turkmenistan and the United Arab Emirates.

A small number of partial scholarships for courses at the WFTGA International Training Centres may be available for applicants from tier 3, 4 and 5 countries in the International Monetary Fund listing.

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Courses 2023

In-house, in our training centres or online

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Hands On Tourist Guide Training (HOT)

Skills training as introduction for new tourist guides and as a refresher for experienced guides, also suited to be integrated into existing tourist guide training programmes.

in-house or training centres
Train the Trainer (TtT)

For active tourist guides who want to train tourist guides in their own area of tourist guide qualification, includes a guiding skills refresher, pre- requisite to become an International WFTGA Trainer.


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training centres
International Train the Trainer (ITtT)

Progression for trainers who would like to train tourist guides worldwide.



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on site
Site Guide Training

For guides for a specific site, e.g. national park, archaeological site, religious site, geological site, museum, gallery, UNESCO World Heritage Site and others.



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Specialist Guiding Courses

During the global pandemic WFTGA piloted blended courses with online learning components. However, the WFTGA training ethos stipulates that a significant part of tourist guide training must be practical and must take place on site through face-to-face, in-person training.

Period 2022-2024

Training Committee

Viola Lewis

Viola Lewis

Head of the Training Division


Sebastian Frankenberger

Sebastian Frankenberger

Ex Officio member


IT 214 Demetra Argyrou Viguier

Demetra Argyrou

Trainers’ Representative


IT 234 Mateusz Tomaszczyk

Mateusz Tomaszczyk

Experienced Trainer



James Saunders

Non-Trainer Member


LIT 109 Ivana Curuvija

Ivana Ćuruvija




Hussein Dehghan

Co-opted International Trainer


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Course Accreditation

WFTGA accredits tourist guide training courses in accordance and compliance with the European Standard EN 15565:2008 ‘Tourism Services – Requirement for the provision of professional tourist guide training and qualification programmes’. WFTGA has accredited Tourist Guide training courses for Cyprus, Scotland, UK and the Oman Tourism College. 

  •  Tourist Guide Training Programmes: Design, Implementation (National and Regional level as well as site-specific),
  • Refresher courses for Tourist Guides: Design, Implementation (National and Regional level).
Cyprus University Archaeological Research Unit and WF Regional Training Centre
Armenia and Cyprus

International Training Centers

The WFTGA International Training Centres regularly offer courses, which are open to individual tourist guides from all over the world.

Partner of UNESCO

Silk Road Heritage Training

Encouraged by renewed interest in the Silk Road – for cultural exchange, trade and tourism – the United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) decided to revive the ancient routes as a tourism concept, uniting three continents once more in a project encompassing over 12.000 km.