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Working Groups
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At the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), we believe in collaborative leadership. Each member of our Executive Board (ExBo) has a specific area of responsibility. These areas serve as working groups where members can actively participate, discuss tasks, and contribute to decision-making.

The working groups have the autonomy to make independent decisions. However, for significant decisions or those requiring financial or human resources, the responsible ExBo member will bring a proposal to the entire Executive Board. This ensures that while the Executive Board sets general guidelines, our membership can engage directly and influence the direction of our global association.

This structure aims to enhance collaboration, increase transparency, and encourage active participation within our federation.

Fostering member relations and engagement

Led by: Christina Leal

An association or society is by definition a cluster of members, which means to say, its members are at its core, without them an association simply doesn’t exist. At WFTGA we aim to focus on our members, we want to know more about you, regardless if you are a Full, Individual or Affiliate Member, and what are your expectations towards WFTGA. This working group aims at brainstorming on the topic of members’ engagement. To receive and discuss ideas on webinars, workshops, visibility, social activities, there is so much out there. At WFTGA we want our members to shine, and we can and should do it together. 

Media engagement, sponsorship and entities’ awareness

Led by: Ivana Curuvija

The Public Relations Working Group within WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) is dedicated to amplifying the federation’s visibility and impact through strategic media engagement, sponsorship acquisition, forging external partnerships, and heightening awareness among relevant organisations. Through targeted communication efforts and creative storytelling, the group cultivates strong relationships with media outlets, secures valuable sponsorships, and establishes fruitful partnerships with external organisations. By effectively communicating WFTGA’s mission and objectives to a broader audience, the working group aims to enhance the federation’s influence, promote sustainable tourism practices, and foster collaboration within the global tourism community.

Media engagement, sponsorship and entities’ awareness

Led by: James Saunders

The Social Media Working Group  is dedicated to enhancing the federation’s online presence and engagement through strategic use of social media platforms. By crafting compelling content, leveraging emerging trends, and facilitating interactive communication, the group aims to connect with a broader audience and showcase the valuable contributions of tourist guides worldwide. Through these efforts, the working group seeks to strengthen the WFTGA’s digital footprint, promote the exchange of ideas and best practices, and build a dynamic online community that supports the federation’s objectives and mission.

Organizing events and initiatives for members

Led by: James Saunders

The Activities Working Group is focused on organising diverse events, both online and in person, to engage and connect the global tourist guide community. This group coordinates innovative initiatives such as the Associations Journey and new mini-conferences, providing valuable opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration among members. By facilitating these dynamic events, the working group aims to foster a sense of community, promote professional development, and enhance the overall experience of WFTGA members.

Planning and coordinating our international conventions

Led by: Sebastian Frankenberger

Our goal is to enhance the quality and experience of future WFTGA conventions.
Please note that while we can only influence the 2026 convention in Japan to a limited extent, as it has already undergone the bidding process, our discussions here will primarily focus on general considerations for future conventions. We aim to revise the bidding documents for the 2028 conference, which need to be published in Spring 2025.
Thank you for your commitment and contributions. Together, we aim to develop a new concept for future conferences and the bidding process.

Providing assistance and resources to members and maintain the website

Led by: Sebastian Frankenberger 

The Support Working Group  is dedicated to managing the federation’s website and overseeing the technical administration of member management and various digital tools. This group ensures the seamless operation of online platforms, providing essential technical support and maintenance to enhance the user experience for all members. By efficiently handling these critical functions, the working group supports the federation’s mission to offer comprehensive resources and assistance, enabling tourist guides to thrive in their profession.

Every single voice, contribution, and idea is valuable and helps to strengthen and advance our community. By engaging in the various working groups, we have the opportunity to bring in our skills, learn from one another, and shape the future of tour guiding together.

Let us seize this opportunity to get involved, collaborate, and share our passion for cultural heritage and tourism with the world. Every participation is a step towards a stronger and more united WFTGA.

Thank you for your commitment and support.