WFTGA President Rosalind Newlands and EXBO Member Govind Agrawal visit Macau

  Rosalind Newlands and Govind Agrawal spent three days in Macau on a fact finding mission.  We visited potential hotels and enjoyed fabulous Macanese food and hospitality. The programme will include pre and post tours to Hong Kong and a post tour to mainland China. Full programme and bookings coming soon. For more pictures visit Facebook: World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.


Posted: 09/09/11

International Tourist Guide Day February 21st... Every year!!!

ITGD in Abu Dhabi

A Must for Local Citizens and Local Tourism and Travel Industry Partners. Get to Know the Professional Tourist Guides and Your Ambassadors to the world!

February 21st. an initiative of WFTGA, the International Tourist Guide Day is held on 21st February each year. In 1990, Mrs. Titina Loizides, president of the WFTGA was involved when it was held for the first time, 15 countries participated. Since then, tourist guides in an ever growing number of countries have been giving help to their local communities, conducting tours for disabled persons, disadvantaged persons, for children, industry partners, officials and the general public. Events are also held for local tourist guides including presentations and retraining courses. It is a public relations event par excellence, drawing the attention of local authorities, fellow citizens and the media to the quality and value of the work of professional tourist guides. Each member country contributes to the success of the day in its own way; coach companies have contributed complimentary coaches, attractions and museums have opened their doors without charge. Each year, awareness grows and there is an increasing contribution by both regional and national governments to the International Tourist Guide Day. The Day is coordinated by the World Federation.

Please send reports on your activities to


International Tourist Guide Day 2009 Cyprus
International Tourist Guide Day 2009 South India
International Tourist Guide Day 2009 Kenya
International Tourist Guide Day 2009 Singapore
International Tourist Guide Day 2009 Scotland UK
International Tourist Guide Day 2009 Uganda
International Tourist Guide Day 2009 United Arab Emirates
International Tourist Guides day Buenos Aires


 International Tourist Guide Day 2007 in the Tyrol (Austria).
 International Tourist Guide Day 2007  in U.A.E
 International Tourist Guide in Salzburg
 International Tourist Guide in Scotland, Edinburgh
 International Tourist Guide Day 2007 in Bali, Indonesia
 International Tourist Guide Day/ Tourist Guides’ Association of Seville 2007
 International Tourist Guide Day / Uganda

Past February 21st activities 2006

Dubai 2006
Hong Kong 2006
Austria 2004
Turkey 2003
Montreal, Canada 2002
Washington, D.C. 2002

Posted: 03/25/11

EN 15565 2008 Standard for the Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides...

WFTGA supports EN15565 2008, Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides in Europe


EN 13809 2003 which became ENISO 18513 2003

was adopted by WFTGA the 10th Convention, Dunblane, Scotland 2003

Tourist Guide:
A person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognised by the appropriate authority.

This is distinct from a tour manager defined by CEN as follows:

Tour Manager/Tour Director or Escort:
Person who manages an itinerary on behalf of the tour operator ensuring the programme is carried out as described in the tour operator's literature and sold to the traveller/consumer and who gives local practical information. Tour managers may or may not be tourist guides as well. They are not trained or licensed to work in specific areas unless they have the proper requirements or legal right, depending on the region.

Posted: 03/25/11

WFTGA President Visits India

WFTGA President Rosalind Newlands was welcomed to India by P Asoka President of the Tourist Guides Federation of India. Rosalind was interviewed for the Hindu Newspaper while holidaying on board Swan Hellenic's MV Minerva

Posted: 03/21/11

The 14th WFTGA Convention, Tallinn Estonia: Culture as a Unifying Guide

Tallinn Guide Association welcomed more than 200  members from 42 countries to  the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations Convention in 2011 in Tallinn! 

The Convention was supported by UNESCO with the keynote speaker M. Herve Barre from UNESCO HQ. 

Pre and Post Tours took place in South Estonia, Latvia and St Petersburg.


Posted: 02/04/11

WFTGA Hands On Tourist Guiding Course: Brunei

Iris Barry and Mary Kemp Clarke are conducting the first WFTGA training courses in Brunei, sponsored by Brunei Tourism. Training, during November
2008 will include Hands On Tourist Guiding and Train the Trainer.

For more information check the link below

Posted: 11/20/08

Training in Abu Dhabi

Jenny Oulton WFTGA Senior Trainer is conducting a further two Hands On Guiding Workshops in Abu Dhabi in November 2006. WFTGA Vice President Rosalind Newlands was invited by the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority to advise on the development of a full guide training course for the United Arab Emirates and to be present at the launch of the UAE Federation of Tourist Guides.

Photo Caption, From left to right: Ahmed Al Dhaheri , Jasem Zaiton, Nasser Saif Al Reyami, Ali Abdulkarim Al Saloom, Rosalind Newlands (WFTGA Director of Training ), Saeed Al Shamsi, Jenny Oulton (WFTGA International Trainer), Mohammed Aljlami, Shada Zaiton, Shamsa Al Dhaheri, Muna Al Dhaheri.

Posted: 11/15/06

Guides Training Program in Armenia

Guide Training and Partnership Development for Tourism Associations

October 26. The continuing successful cooperation between the Competitive Armenian Private Sector Project (CAPS) and the the USAID-funded Human and Institutional Capacity Development project implemented by AED resulted in another jointly-organized project – the Guides Training Program. The seven-day training during the period of October 24-31 for the members of the Armenian Guides’ Guild and the graduates of the Guide School of Armenia aims to help the participants further develop their ability to provide quality services to tourists. The program will also assist with the design of further educational programs for guides.

The trainings are conducted by Certified Trainers of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), Ms. Jenny Oulton and Ms. Felicitas Wressnig. The training program will cover the subjects of:

  • Develop communication and presentation skills of the guides;
  • Develop practical guiding skills for tourist guides
  • Improve the knowledge management skills;
  • Develop training skills for tour guides trainers.

As a part of the guide training program, visits will be organized to popular tourist sites where the participating guides will have an opportunity to practice their knowledge.

Twenty five participants are attending the training which is held in Ani Plaza Hotel. The training will be followed by another program -- the Training of Guide Trainers -- to be delivered on 2-4 November. Ten guide trainers will be attending this session.

Houri Nazaretian, a WFTGA official, has volunteered to provide a range of services to further benefit the Armenian tourism industry. Ms. Nazaretian has a strong background in developing partnerships between stakeholders in the tourism industry such as tour guides, tour operators and hotels and restaurants and is enthusiastic about supporting Armenia.

The training programs and Ms. Nazaretian’s technical assistance are a part of CAPS’s efforts to enhance the sustainability of business associations in the tourism cluster through helping them design specific non-dues income generation activities, advising on the establishment of a tour guide’s training school, building partnership between major associations in the cluster, and addressing critical issues of business planning for tourism associations.

Posted: 10/30/06

Ruby Roy President of WFTGA addresses tourist guides in Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates of Tourist Guides (UAEFTG) were able through the experience and the knowledge of the WFTGA President to solve some pending issues and get some very good recommendation on how to proceed. On 4th of September they will announce the formation of UAEFTG with the support of Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority. Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority supported the recent Hands On Tourist Guide and Train the Trainer Courses and Hands On Tourist Guide will be available again later this year.

WFTGA President Ruby Roy conducted a workshop about developing the career of Tourist Guides, the WFTGA and the WFTGA Convention in Egypt and was interviewed by Arabian Travel TV for a program called “UR Guide”. The program has helped the Arab audience to understand the role of tourist guides in the tourism industry.

Posted: 08/24/06
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