Area Representatives of the WFTGA get going

Liaisons between the WFTGA Board and WFTGA’s membership

Our Area Representatives are appointed by the Executive Board to act as liaison between the Board and WFTGA’s membership. This is to encourage new membership and assist with the formation of Tourist Guide Associations where no Associations exist. Both Executive Board Members and Area Representatives are active professional tourist guides. They are volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to achieving the aims of the Federation and to the promotion of tourist guides worldwide. Area Representatives abide by the Aims and Objectives of the WFTGA.

We have area representatives for each region who are available to answer your questions about WFTGA membership and to assist with any enquiries you have about setting up a tourist guide association if one does not exist in your area yet.

Note that globally we have one Area Representative Liaison, 1 ExBo Partner and 16 Area representatives, covering the 7 continents. Area Representatives are utilised in regions where their language skills are needed.

Maricar Donato is our Area Representative Liaison and Cristina Leal is our EXBO Vice President Partner.


Engage with your area representatives for Africa:

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Area Representatives are the cornerstones of unity and progress

From Europe to Asia, Africa to the Americas, our WFTGA Area Representatives have been the cornerstone of unity and progress. Their dedication and tireless efforts have forged connections, empowered communities, and elevated our profession worldwide.

We celebrate their unwavering commitment and the profound impact they’ve made and will make. Thank you for leading the way towards a brighter future for guiding.

We’re excited to grow these regions for the benefit of tourist guides working on each continent. You’re most welcome to connect with us! 

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