Persian Phoenix to rise from pandemic ashes celebrating 2024 ITGD with 900 members

Iran Federation of Tourist Guide Associations could hold its ITGD convention after fours years of hiatus with 100 guests of honor reaching a totall of 1000 people in the convention on Friday 17 Februrary 2024 in Tehran. 
Aside from the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism & Tourism and his Tourism Deputy, and some top managers, some ambassadors like Spanish and Czech Republic, the special envoy of KSA were amongts the guests of honor. Not to forget that, a large number of stakeholders including travel agents, tour operator, hoteliers, tourism recreaction center manager, bloggers and tourism-related reporters were also invited.
IFTGA now comprises of two major Tourist Guides Association in Iran having 4500 tourist guides under its umbrella in 30 provinces of Iran (out of 32). Now, it is time to demand for a real recognition by the definition of the Ministry of Labour- tourist guiding as a profession and occupation. After years of discssuion between the government and the parliment, it seems the problems of social security (insurance) is resovled, as declared Mr Zarghami, the minister of Tourism. 
The IFTGA president, suggested a rail trip between Iran and neighbouring Arab countries to prove peace in the area. Plus, he invired European tourists to come visit safe Iran as initiated by the Spanish ambassdor. 
In the end, the message of the UNWTO secretary, Mr Pololikashvili for Iranian Tourist Guides was displayed. 

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