Jane Orde Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of the Androus Foundation of Washington and colleagues we were able, once again, to offer the Jane Orde Scholarship to lucky tourist guides and enabled them to attend the WFTGA Convention in Prague in 2015.  Pictured above from left to right are Joan Leacock (Barbados), David J. Apigo (Philippines), Tatyana Bukharina (Ukraine), Past President Deborah Androus (USA, Androus Foundation), Tamara Levinson (Uruguay), Felicitas Wressnig (WFTGA President).

The Jane Orde Scholarship was created, primarily to help tourist guides from countries which are financially challenged and who are therefore unable to attend our conventions.

Applicants must be practicing tourist guides and be active in their local association - in 2007 our winners were from Mozambique and India, in 2009 our winner was from Thailand and in 2011 we had 4 winners from Brazil, Georgia, Peru and Ukraine. In 2013 our winners were Nadia Sabina Mele of Argentina and Sangay Phurba of Bhutan pictured with Deborah Androus.

Application deadline for WFTGA Convention in Tehran in January 2017:

July 31, 2016. Please, send applications with supporting letters to WFTGA President Felicitas Wressnig on info@wftga.org.

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