We lost former WFTGA Secretary: Margrit Klimscha

Margrit Klimscha (May 15, 1927 - July 31, 2005)

Margrit Klimscha was a founding member of the Vienna Guide service in 1975. Within the Vienna Chamber of Commerce she fought relentlessly for the professional interests of tourist guides. In 1985 she represented Austria at the first Convention of WFTGA in Israel and put her expertise into the preparation of the second WFTGA Convention in Vienna in 1987. There she was elected WFTGA Secretary.

For 20 years the undersigned has enjoyed a 20-year friction-free co-operation not only in the Vienna Guide Service but also in the WFTGA Executive Board. In 1995 our energetic, extremely intelligent colleague fell victim to a lethal disease and passed away on July 31, 2005, deeply mourned by her Vienna and international colleagues.

Posted: 09/16/05