Draft a Constitution

Here are a number of fundamental provisions to be included in the articles of the Constitution. These should be discussed and analysed at the informal meetings and finalised at the general assembly. The final wording should be seen by a lawyer.

1. Name, and emblem, of the Association.
2. Objectives and Powers.
3. Registered Offices of the Association.
4. The Association's income.
5. Categorisation and definition of members (qualified licensed Guides), into active, ordinary, temporary, honorary etc. Each country has its own categories and characterisations.
6. Regulations of admission, resignation and expulsion of members.
7. Rights and obligations of members.
8. Management of the Association and the number of members on the Committee.
9. Elections and rules for the election of the Committee and its composition.
10. Terms of office for the Committee, its duties and functions, and provisions for the filling of vacancies.
11. Meetings of the Executive Committee and extraordinary meetings.
12. Quorum.
13. Conduct of business and minutes.
14. Outline of the functions of the President, Secretary, etc.
15. Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings. Functions, notices, agenda, quorum, convening, resolutions, voting procedures.
16. Financial administration and accounting, the beginning and end of the financial year, payments, budget and annual reporting to members.
17. Any supplementary provisions such as the emblem of the Association, amendments to the rules, dissolution of the association, disposal of assets, and transitional provisions.