Training Handbook for Silk Road Heritage Guides

They are here! The printed copies of the Training Handbook for Silk Road Heritage Guides have arrived in the WFTGA library. First published in 2016, UNESCO and WFTGA set out to produce a revised and extended edition of this popular handbook, which is used in tourist guide training throughout Central Asia. The global pandemic meant that the books were waiting at the UNESCO Almaty Office to be shipped. Available in English and Russian, in print and as downloadable e-version, existing and aspiring tourist guides will find this combined UNESCO and WFTGA expertise an invaluable resource.

Rosalind Newlands OBE, the handbook’s author said: I am delighted that UNESCO and WFTGA have co-operated to produce the Training Handbook for Silk Road Heritage Guides. This gives an opportunity to help guides learn how to sensitively interpret the rich tangible and intangible heritage of the Silk Roads and thereby enhance their visitors’ experience and understanding.’

UNESCO contributed an overview of the Silk Road as well as the chapters on World Heritage and specific examples of the Chang’an-Tianshan and the Penjikent-Samarkand-Poykent Corridors. WFTGA added content on the role of tourist guides, guiding skills and heritage interpretation. All that is left to do for our tourist guide colleagues in the region is to inject their enthusiasm and bring this fascinating heritage to life – again and again tailored to their specific guests, to the day and the situation. What a wonderful job we have?!

Downloads available here: