Hands On Tourist Guide Training (HOT)

Target Group:
The Hands on Tourist Guide Training (HOT) Course is designed as an introductory course in practical guiding skills and is equally suitable for guides who are already competent in local knowledge but wish to improve their practical guiding skills. The course is well suited to be integrated into existing tourist guide training programmes, preferably towards the beginning of the programme. 

Duration: 7 days

Location: The course is available on location worldwide and best delivered in-house, in the area-specific working conditions of the tourist guides. 

Course Content includes:

Practical Tourist Guiding Skills:

  • Two-day Communication Seminar, which includes sessions on presentation and heritage interpretation skills, self-evaluation, structuring commentaries and tailoring the tour to the audience
  • Guiding on a walk (town)
  • Guiding in a site (e.g. museum or art gallery, archaeological site, place of worship or sacred site, battlefield or others as per location)
  • Guiding on a Moving Vehicle
  • Tourism for All (Guiding people with special needs)
  • Optional modules on request

Applied Knowledge

  • Itineraries/tour plans and time management
  • The challenges of different types of guiding – as required
  • Sustainable tourism development

Cultural Studies

  • Group psychology and crisis management
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivities

Business Studies

  • Tourist Guides’ role in tourism and guiding ethics
  • Running a professional tourist guide business
  • Research techniques

Assessment and Examination:
Practical guiding assessments and written and/or oral examinations.

Depending on individual results, WFTGA issues either Certificates of Successful Completion of the course or Certificates of Attendance.
For courses conducted in the WFTGA International Training Centres, certificates are issued jointly by the University of Cyprus or Yerevan State University, respectively.

Qualification: WFTGA does not award area-specific tourist guide qualifications, but works in co-operation with relevant local partners, if and where this qualification is desired. WFTGA also accredits tourist guide training programmes leading to the qualification of tourist guide. 

Progression is possible to WFTGA National Trainer through the Train the Trainer (TtT) Course.

This course may be adapted as Site Guide Training Course

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