International Train the Trainer (ITtT)

Target Group:
This course is open to WFTGA National Trainers (or those who have passed an equivalent programme approved by WFTGA), who are current members of WFTGA and have at least 100 hours of tourist guide training experience.

In order to be eligible for the International Train the Trainer Course, participants:

  • must be members of the WFTGA Training Division, i.e. they must have a qualification as a National WFTGA Trainer (*) and must have paid their annual trainer registration fees, and
  • must be members of a fully paid up WFTGA Full Member Association or be fully paid-up individual members, and
  • must have signed the Code of Conduct for WFTGA Trainers (revised in April 2020).

(*) alternative accredited prior learning and experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Entry Criteria

  • Trainers must produce evidence of training experience gained after having completed the WFTGA Train the Trainer (TtT) Course. This evidence must be in the form of a Trainer Portfolio, i.e. a written document. 
  • The Trainer Portfolio must be submitted by e-mail to [email protected] by the given deadline (last: 31 March 2021), in advance of the ITtT course, as part of the course selection process.
  • The Trainer Portfolio must include evidence of a minimum of 100 interactive hours of training. (Online training delivery can be listed and may be considered.)

WFTGA National Trainers can access a document entitled  ITtT application criteria and portfolio guidance in their trainer resources in g-drive.

Selection Criteria

  1. performance during the TtT Course
  2. evidenced guide training experience, i.e. content of portfolio
  3. quality of portfolio as indication of report writing skills
  4. level of engagement with WFTGA since completion of TtT Course

Course Content includes:

  • Broadening of skills and deepening of knowledge gained during the TtT Course and during practice as National Trainer
  •  Moderation of courses and results of assessments and examinations
  • Accreditation of Tourist guide training programmes
  • up-date on policy, procedures and operations of the WFTGA Training Division

International Train the Trainer Courses will only be held at an accredited WFTGA International Training Centre, usually parallel to a HOT or TtT Course.

Assessment and Examination:
Practical assessments of training and tuition skills, and written and oral examinations.

Depending on individual results, WFTGA issues either Certificates of Successful Completion of the course or Certificates of Attendance jointly with the respective university at the WFTGA International Training Centre.

Qualification: International WFTGA Trainer.

Progression is possible to Lead International WFTGA Trainer (LIT), based on subsequent performance during the delivery of WFTGA Training Programmes. LITs are appointed by the WFTGA Executive Board on assessment of a progress report and recommendation by the Training Committee.

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