International Tourist Guide Day in Austria

The tourist guides in Wien offered three different walking tours (Mozart and the musical tradition in Vienna) for to celebrate International Tourist Guide Day. They had 610 visitors. Besides the guides had about 70 blind people for the special program (guided tour in the Furniture Museum). TV, Radio and some newspapers mentioned the guides too.

Posted: 03/26/06

International Tourist Guide Day in Dubai

The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) joined the world in celebrating the International Tour Guides Day. The Training Solution department organized a reception at the Nad Al Sheba Club House to recognize and honour the work of experienced and dedicated professional tour guides on the occasion.

All tour guides who received special praise or recommendations from tourists for their work received certificates from DTCM as a recognition for their work. Mr. Ibrahim Yaqoot, DTCM Manager Human Resources, presented certificates of appreciation to guides who have attended recently-conducted training courses.

2006 Dubai Photos

Posted: 03/26/06

International Tourist Guide Day in Toronto

The Canadian Tour Guide Association of Toronto organized a free tour of downtown Toronto to celebrate International Tourist Guide Day on Tuesday, March 21, 2006.


Posted: 03/26/06

We lost former WFTGA Secretary: Margrit Klimscha

Margrit Klimscha (May 15, 1927 - July 31, 2005)

Margrit Klimscha was a founding member of the Vienna Guide service in 1975. Within the Vienna Chamber of Commerce she fought relentlessly for the professional interests of tourist guides. In 1985 she represented Austria at the first Convention of WFTGA in Israel and put her expertise into the preparation of the second WFTGA Convention in Vienna in 1987. There she was elected WFTGA Secretary.

For 20 years the undersigned has enjoyed a 20-year friction-free co-operation not only in the Vienna Guide Service but also in the WFTGA Executive Board. In 1995 our energetic, extremely intelligent colleague fell victim to a lethal disease and passed away on July 31, 2005, deeply mourned by her Vienna and international colleagues.

Posted: 09/16/05

Serbia on International Tourist Guide Day 2005

We are glad to inform you that our Association (UTVS) has successfully organized and executed the following manifestations in order to mark (for the third time) the International Tourist Guide Day (ITGD 2005):

February 18-21 - Exhibition of Photographs – “The Tourist Guide – in front of and behind the camera” 85 selected photographs were selected by 2 of our members
February 19 - Guided Tour of the Old and New (former) Royal Palaces (for our colleagues only)
February 20 - Guided City Tours for citizens of Belgrade with 7 different itineraries - Guided Excursions by coach to cities of Novi Sad and Zrenjanin for citizens of Belgrade
February 21 - Special Guided City Tour for employees of Belgrade City Hall

Several members of our Managing Board participated in several broadcasts on 4 TV-stations in order to promote ITGD 2005 to the general public of Serbia.

More than 50 members of UTVS took part in the organization of the mentioned activities, while over 300 citizens of Belgrade enjoyed in taking part in these free activities.

Please click here to see a photo album of Serbia on ITGD 2005


Branislav Popovia
Posted: 03/14/05

Serbian Colleagues Hosted the WFTGA Area Representative

After having successfully organized the ITGD 2004 Event in Serbia (you can see all details about it here:, our Serbian colleagues keep being very active. The Tourist Guides Association of Serbia has invited Mr. Philip Cookson, Area Representative of WFTGA for Western, Central and South Europe to visit Serbia as of February 29, 2004.

Serbian colleagues welcomed their guest with great pleasure, they made a specially varied and interesting program of visits and activities for the arriv-ing WFTGA representative. Mr. Cookson, who paid a multi-day visit to Serbia, toured the capital with the Belgrade guides’ assistance. Additionally, he visited various parts of Serbia - the central area known as the cradle of the 1804 Serbian Revolution against the Ottoman Turkish rule, as well as the northern, wealthy province of Vojvodina. The highlight of the visit, however, was the reception of the guest from London in the former Royal Court of Belgrade, now resided by HRH Crown Prince Alexandar II of Serbia.

The top officials of Tourist organizations of Serbia and Belgrade informed Mr. Cookson about their activities on the promotion of travel and tourism in this country. From his part, Mr. Cookson addressed the Serbian Guides Association with a report on the development, legislative and practical functioning of tour guiding in some EU countries.

Mr. Cookson’s visit to Serbia was organized by Serbian Guides Association and sponsored by the Belgrade Office of ‘British Airways’, ‘Hotel Kasina’ and a few other local companies.

Branko Rabotic,
MABelgrade Sightseeing
Phone: ++38111 446 1153
GSM: ++38163 854 2648

Posted: 12/01/04

Royal Recognition

Wednesday - February 11, 2004 - Tom Hooper, FEG's ExCo Member is honoured by Queen Elizabeth II, with an MBE (Member of the British Empire). Tom has played a key role through the foundation of tourist guiding institute in the UK. He was working in conjunction as joint President with Fiona Grant and the Palace decided that this should be a joint investiture - quite unusual - for which they had to have a special little rehearsal to advance together instead of singly, to bow and courtesy, advance towards the sovereign, retreat walking backwards, etc. Quite a choreography! You can see the award he was about to receive from that on Fiona's breast.

In any event it is yet another small step in the recognition of the tourist guide as a professional and the tourist guide's contribution to the field of tourism.

Posted: 12/01/04


The Executive Board and its representatives attend trade fairs, present papers at conferences and conventions, lobby government departments to promote the cause of professional guides, and seek co-operation with other stakeholders in the tourism industry.

Recently, WFTGA and GREEN GLOBE 21 have signed a cooperation agreement to affirm the goal of achieving sustainable tourism worldwide.

Contact with the Tourism Industry Worldwide.

For more information click here

Posted: 12/31/03

Draft CEN Standard for the Training and Qualification of Tourist Guides


The final meeting of WG5 the European committee working to create the above standard took place in Athens on 26th & 27th April 2007. Tourist Guide experts for the various countries attending included Rosalind Newlands (WFTGA President) and Tom Hooper (FEG Chairman) UK; Efi Kalamboukidou Greece; Glorianne Mizzi Malta, Stanislav Voleman Czech Republic; Marian Bilacic Slovak Republic, Guido Lion Italy, Titina Loizidou Cyprus; Ute Jager & Gisela Bianco Germany; Carlos Ortego Spain. The draft standard now goes for voting and if accepted will become an CEN (European) Standard sometime next year.

Adopted by WFTGA the 10th Convention, Dunblane, Scotland 2003

Tourist Guide:
A person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognised by the appropriate authority.

This is distinct from a tour manager defined by CEN as follows:

Tour Manager/Tour Director or Escort:
Person who manages an itinerary on behalf of the tour operator ensuring the programme is carried out as described in the tour operator's literature and sold to the traveller/consumer and who gives local practical information. Tour managers may or may not be tourist guides as well. They are not trained or licensed to work in specific areas unless they have the proper requirements or legal right, depending on the region.


Posted: 12/31/03

WFTGA 1985-2007.... 22 Years of Excellence

Dear Colleagues Worldwide, Travel and Tourism Industry Partners,

We would like to introduce the new Executive Board of the WFTGA whom you will be hearing quite a bit from in the coming years.

WFTGA 1985-2007.... 22 Years of Excellence

At the 12th WFTGA Convention in Cairo the following EXBO was elected:

Rosalind Newlands President
Rosalind Newlands (Edinburgh, Scotland UK)


Aladdin Khalifa Vice President
Aladdin Khalifa (Cairo, Egypt)


Houri Nazeritian Secretary
Houri Nazeritian (Oshawa, Canada)



Walid El-Batouty (Cairo, Egypt)


Johnny Lee KK


Executive Board Member
Johnny Lee KK (Hong Kong, China)
Koula Vassiliou


Executive Board Member
Koula Vassiliou (Nicosia, Cyprus)



Posted: 12/31/03
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