Serbian Colleagues Hosted the WFTGA Area Representative

After having successfully organized the ITGD 2004 Event in Serbia (you can see all details about it here:, our Serbian colleagues keep being very active. The Tourist Guides Association of Serbia has invited Mr. Philip Cookson, Area Representative of WFTGA for Western, Central and South Europe to visit Serbia as of February 29, 2004.

Serbian colleagues welcomed their guest with great pleasure, they made a specially varied and interesting program of visits and activities for the arriv-ing WFTGA representative. Mr. Cookson, who paid a multi-day visit to Serbia, toured the capital with the Belgrade guides’ assistance. Additionally, he visited various parts of Serbia – the central area known as the cradle of the 1804 Serbian Revolution against the Ottoman Turkish rule, as well as the northern, wealthy province of Vojvodina. The highlight of the visit, however, was the reception of the guest from London in the former Royal Court of Belgrade, now resided by HRH Crown Prince Alexandar II of Serbia.

The top officials of Tourist organizations of Serbia and Belgrade informed Mr. Cookson about their activities on the promotion of travel and tourism in this country. From his part, Mr. Cookson addressed the Serbian Guides Association with a report on the development, legislative and practical functioning of tour guiding in some EU countries.

Mr. Cookson’s visit to Serbia was organized by Serbian Guides Association and sponsored by the Belgrade Office of ‘British Airways’, ‘Hotel Kasina’ and a few other local companies.

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