UGANDA – Successful Bird Guide Training

For many years, Uganda has suffered from the lack of recognised trained Bird Guides. This made Uganda an unpopular destination to many who would be interested in Birding. The Uganda Bird Guides Club, together with Nature Uganda and Uganda Breweries Ltd. Has been working on overcoming this long-time problem.

It all started in 2001, when a fund raising drive was started through Kampala on Birding Big Day. Over US$3,000 were raised. One of the two people who underwent a Training the Trainer course in South Africa was Herbert Byaruhanga, who was also instrumental in the Uganda Safari Guides Association joining WFTGA. Together with a colleague, he later trained site guides at Lutembe, Mabamba and the Heritage Trails of Buganda Kingdom. At the beginning of June 2002, after weeks of intensive training, eight new bird guides were awarded their certificates by the Chairman of Nature Uganda. Before gaining proper accreditation, the bird guides will be re-assessed by assessors from abroad.

The recognition of Bird Guides is seen by many as the first tremendous success of the Ugandan tourism industry in the effort to offer quality guiding. Many different experience-based itineraries are being designed to suit the birding desire of clients. For more information, please contact Nature Uganda at [email protected], or the Uganda Bird Guides Club at [email protected].